We moved to this location in  New York in 2010 and commenced setting up shop! In 2013 we completed both our 120 cubic foot wood kiln and 60 cubic foot gas kiln.

Most of my work is fired in a "Train" style wood burning kiln, originally designed by John Neely.  We made some adjustments and adapted it to suit our needs (for more details on a similar kiln I built with Louise Rosenfield  please see the Log Book article volume 30) . We designed the kiln to grow old with us, to that end, the kiln lid lifts up and trolleys off to the side so I can load with out much bending, really lovely!!! A typical firing lasts from 40-45 hours being stoked around the clock and using a little over two cords of wood. At the end of each firing, after we have reached the desired temperature, we cool the kiln in a reduction atmosphere which accounts for the dark rich surfaces.. I will post pictures soon of the completed kilns.


Log Book Article